Sunday, December 27, 2015

Offset High Crop

Does that title sound a little cryptic?  It's nothing too mysterious really, it's just the designation for the configuration of the tractor that's the subject of my latest painting;

art painting tractor abandoned rusty farm desert

"Offset High Crop"

14" X 11", Acrylic on panel

This is an old, derelict Farmall tractor I found in Wallsburg, Utah.  This configuration is unusual, in fact I believe this is the only one of this kind I've seen in person.  The front axle is raised to clear certain crops and the engine is offset from center to give better visibility to the operator, at least on one side.

I've been on a tractor kick lately, the last few ten minute sketches have all  been tractors, one of them based on the same reference photo as the painting.

art sketch pencil graphie tractor Case vintage
#17, Case

art sketch pencil graphite tractor Allis Chalmers vintage
#18, Allis Chalmers

art sketch pencil graphite farmall vintage offset
#19, Farmall Offset High Crop

art sketch pencil graphite tractor eimco powerhorse old

#20, Eimco Power Horse 4WD

art sketch pencil graphite fordson track vintage
#21, Fordson crawler


  1. Nice tractor sketches and beautiful job on the painting! I love the colors in your grasses and tractor! Wishing you a Happy New Year and an inspired 2016!!!

    1. Thanks Joan, I hope you have a happy 2016 as well.