Monday, July 28, 2014

More Rural Goodness

I just love exploring the back roads in the rural areas, I always find something interesting.  My latest painting is based on a photo that resulted from one of those days of exploration.

"The Old Road to the Old Shed"

10" X 8", Acrylic on panel
Original - SOLD

I found the inspiration for this painting on a piece of the Historic Old Lincoln Highway on the outskirts of Wanship, Utah.  The photo gave me the general idea but I had to make many modifications to make it a good painting.  The actual shed was metal, not wood and didn't have the opening in front.  There was also a lot of uninteresting clutter in front of the shed, the actual fence wasn't very interesting either.  There wasn't an actual road in the scene but rather the edge of a gravel parking area that gave me the idea to put a road in.


  1. I love the improvements you made for the composition!!! This one is the contrast of the purple flowers against the yellow. Super job!