Friday, April 11, 2014

Old Green Ford

This post makes four days in a row, I think that is a record for me.  I really am trying to paint and post more often, hopefully I can keep it up.  This is the second day in a row for a new painting even, I  think that's a record too!

art painting truck Ford rusty 1936 vintage antique

"Old Green Ford"

Acrylic on 1/8" thick panel, 5" X 7"
Original - SOLD

This painting was experimental in two ways.  First I tried to keep it looser than I've painted vehicles in the past, I think I pretty much succeeded.  It was also much more enjoyable to paint this way rather than cause neck strain trying to capture every single little detail.  Also, I tried the "selective start" method again like I did with the "Keep Out" painting but with a modification.  I still did not lay the painting out with pencil or paint first, but rather than paint each shape to completion before moving to the next shape I only blocked it in, then I'd block in the shape next to that one and so on until the whole painting was blocked in accurately.  Sorry, I didn't take any progress photos on this one, but in this case I started with the wheel, just painted the whole thing in one solid rusty color.  Then I painted the tire, then the fender, then the hood side, hood top and so on. This allowed me to make some adjustments along they way before I spent too much time on the details.  Since the block in was accurate and complete I then only needed to fill in all the smaller shapes and details inside the larger blocked in shapes.