Sunday, March 2, 2014

Train Sketching

Today was the annual model railroad show at the Ogden Union Station.  I'm not a model railroader but I have been a model builder so I appreciate all kinds of scale modeling and this is the biggest model railroad show of the year in Utah so I often attend it.  This show is also a sketching opportunity. Ogden Union Station is a museum and there are a lot locomotives, cabooses and railroad cars on display all around the property.  I didn't know if I would get the chance to sketch today though, the weather forecast did not look good.  Thankfully the weatherman was wrong and we had a very nice day, the only time I was uncomfortable was when a breeze kicked up while the sun was behind a cloud.

I  decided to use pen and watercolor today. First I sketched the end of this old gondola;

art sketch life gondola train railroad pen watercolor

My biggest challenge today was the clouds, they often blocked the sun at the worst times and I'd have to wait until the sun came back to see the light/shadow patterns.

art sketch life locomotive diesel train railroad pen watercolor

This is the back end of a fairly modern diesel locomotive.  I really enjoyed making these close up sketches rather than try to fit the whole thing on a small piece of paper.  I took lots of close up photos as well, maybe I'll make some small paintings following this theme.

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  1. I like that you cropped these instead of doing the entire car. You showed so much detail in these. Nice work!