Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Sketching

I had the day off today and we finally had some sun and a reasonable temperature after a few days of overcast conditions and snow so I went out and did some sketching.  I went to the Jordan River Parkway again, this time the area near Arrowhead Park.  One of the good things about winter is the lack of foliage exposes scenes you just don't see during the other seasons.  I decided to sketch a bend in the river, this time I got the watercolors out too.

art sketch pen ink nature jordan river parkway

It was still a little cold for attempting an acrylic painting.  I can do a pen and watercolor sketch in 20-30 minutes versus a couple hours for a painting. Not only does acrylic paint not like such low temperatures I don't care for the cold either so sitting in one spot for twenty minutes is much more appealing than sitting there for two hours.  A watercolor sketch gives me enough info to help me recall what it was like being at the scene.  All those bare trees would make a studio painting a challenge though!

I wandered farther into the area up into the marsh.  This is an area that just isn't accessible during the other seasons, it's too wet.  A heavy blanket of snow helped keep me above the moisture for the most part.  I was able to access the back of the pond at the marsh, again something I could never do any other time of the year.  The ground was still quite soft under me so I decided sitting on the stool was not an option and instead did a quick pen sketch while standing;

art sketch pen ink nature jordan river parkway

It may not seem like much but doing a sketch, any kind of sketch helps embed the aspects of the scene in your mind that a camera just can't capture.  I scribbled in a couple ducks that were there.  I don't understand that, if I could fly south for the winter I definitely would! 


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  1. Merry Christmas, David! It is great that the weather improved a bit for you to get out. How great that you were able to get to an area that ordinarily you wouldn't be able to visit. These are nice. I do find that even with a sketch that you only spend about 20 minutes on, later you can recall so much more about the experience that you would looking at a photo...the way the air felt and smelled, the way the sun and shadow played across the view, the sounds of the wind, the foliage moving, and the creatures.
    Thanks for sharing your view so often! I really enjoy seeing your work. Have a wonderful holiday!