Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sketching at Wheeler Farm

The weather today was about as nice as it gets in the Salt Lake Valley in mid-November.  I decided I needed to take advantage and took a short drive over to Wheeler Farm to do some sketching.  Wheeler Farm is an historic living farm owned by the county. I've been on a pen kick lately, I don't know why but that's why I made these sketches using a Copic Multiliner .03 pen in my 5x8 sketchbook.  All of these sketches are straight to pen with no preliminary layout work in pencil.  I do this as both a challenge to my drawing skills and because I prefer to have that little bit of extra sponteneity in my sketches from life.

First up is the "Milk House".  This is actually one end of a larger structure, the rest of which is used to store hay.  I rushed it a bit at the start and got the angles and width of the end of the building a bit off.

Trying to learn something from the previous sketch I went a little slower on this one, trying to make sure I got those angles right.  The sign was missing from this little house but if I remember right it they call it the "summer cottage" or something like that.

I did this last sketch quickly, the temperature had started dropping below the point of comfort.  This is a chicken coop built way back in the early 1900's and restored in the 1980's, so even the restoration is old now!

It was sure nice to get outside for a couple hours and sketch at one of my favorite places today.  These opportunities will soon become very rare until spring!


  1. Nice sketches. I'm impressed that you did them straight in ink! Isn't it a treat when we get a day warm enough to sit out and sketch? Today it hit 65 here and it was wonderful!

    1. Thanks Joan. We weren't that lucky, it was more like mid-40's in the afternoon.