Sunday, October 31, 2021

Redo on the Video

 You might have noticed my blog post was about a new sketch demo video on YouTube that I posted a few weeks ago.  Maybe you also noticed that blog post is now gone, as well as a post about a vlog style video I posted a few days later.   I decided to re-edit that sketch demo video and uploaded it again, you can watch it here: Simple Vintage Ford Farm Truck Pen Drawing Demo

I edited the video primarily to remove my commentary.  At the time I made the original video I thought I really wanted to go in heavy on YouTube, but a couple videos into that already burned me out.  I realized I'm not really that much into making videos, especially the commentary part.  I am still going to make videos, or at least try to be regular about it, hopefully weekly, but the videos will be simple, no commentary, just me sketching, drawing, painting at my table, hopefully some people will get something out of it.

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